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June 09 2012

March 17 2012

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March 05 2012

January 29 2012

December 28 2011

December 07 2011

December 06 2011

Open Source FTW

OpenSCAD polygon editor (single HTML file) by Daid

OpenSCAD polygon editor (single HTML file) by Daid

As much as I enjoy using OpenSCAD to create 3D models, I do everything I can to build objects out of cylinders, spheres, and cubes.  Making a polygon is… challenging.  Thankfully, there are a number of people on Thingiverse who have sought to make building polygons in OpenSCAD much less painful.1  The latest OpenSCAD polygon tool by Daid is simple, intuitive, and a shining example of why open source projects are awesome.

As soon as I tried out Daid’s program, I knew it was great.  Quickly drafting a complex polygon would now be a breeze.  However, being able to upload and trace a picture of an object would make it infinitely more useful.  Within a few hours, Daid had responded to my feature request2 and within a single day Thingiverse citizen PieterBos had incorporated this feature into his own OpenSCAD polygon program.  Less than a day after that Daid added the ability to upload traceable images to his own original program.  All of this, the sharing of ideas for features, pushing and encouraging one another to be more awesome… this is what open source collaboration is about.

So, when’s the last time a proprietary closed source program developer knocked out a new feature you requested in three days?  Open source FTW!

OpenSCAD polygon editor (single HTML file) by Daid I'm making extensive use of OpenSCAD. The only problem I found is that the polygon function is hard to use. I rather draw my polygons visual. So I created a simple polygon editor for OpenSCAD in Javascript+HTML. Following the idea from the "OpenScad Polygon Generator" by "PieterBos" thingiverse.com/thing:9290 But then working for any OS, any browser, without fuss. You don't even need to install anything! (might even work in mobile browsers) Online version can be found at:daid.mine.nu/~daid/3d/ Latest sources can be found at:github.com/daid/OpenSCAD-polygon-editor This thing brought to you by Thingiverse.com PolygonRabbit a OpenScad Polygon Generator by PieterBos This i my new version of the polygon tool for openscad How it works ? See:youtube.com/watch?v=WKc6qX1RTyY It generates a openscad file but this time it writes modules so you can use it as a library. O there is also a online version protorabbit.nl/flash/polygonrabbit/PolygonRabbit.html You can now: move the points :-) delete points add point add points to a closed path(shift drag in add mode) add modules delete modules duplicate modules (handy) dont forget to set openscad in automatic reload for more fun instant update Please let me know what you think of it UPDATE:2011-11-29 Oeps the air updated te air app uploaded here from version 0.6 to 0.7 (0.6 should autoupdated but it did not have to look at that when i have time). So update the app with the file here or from my website. This thing brought to you by Thingiverse.com
  1. Dang, the new awesome Thingiverse search features sure is awesome…  Thanks Marty!
  2. For the ability to upload an image for tracing
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November 20 2011

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Nika sounds like a dinosaur
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Baby Nika

November 18 2011

November 14 2011

November 11 2011

November 09 2011

» This awesome gentleman visited the lab today to fix the motor electronics of his amazing 2nd pair of hands.

I guess you need more than two hands to take over the world...MUAHHHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! « via @wizard23

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Stencil Stealthily
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November 05 2011

November 02 2011

October 31 2011

6140 748c 500
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October 30 2011

October 29 2011

October 25 2011

Dropcam is installed in the Crabitat #shellter
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